Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blog Sunday - Tarot Prose: What I Wish I Knew

Over in Tarot Nerds, one of the regulars in the group posted a blog that they had recently typed up;

What I Wish I Knew

I gave the blog a read and found it to be quite useful in the realm of getting a new tarot blog up and off the ground, while keeping it consistent and true to oneself.

There are a few subtopics in the blog that cover different areas on blogging:

Dare to Be Different: essentially staying true to yourself and your own tarot journey through blogging.

Deck Lust: Keeping a public wish list of decks to add to your collection (I will be doing this eventually, especially as most of my decks can be found on Amazon easily).

The Follower Game: basically keeping your blog mostly for yourself, not for mass followers.

There are a few other topics, but I'd rather the blog itself be read as a whole piece and not just my own breakdown of it.

Definitely some words of wisdom here for new tarot bloggers.

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