Saturday, May 13, 2017

Untitled Zombie Tarot Story

Chapter 1 - Justice
 Let's catch some zombies! With their lack of advanced motor functions, they should be easily trained as our servants, right?

Chapter 2 - The Chariot
 Zombies, zombies everywhere. Was this such a good idea, trying to capture one?

Chapter 3 - Two of Hazards
 I don't know about the doc. Hopefully his experiment works and won't be the death of us.

Chapter 4 - Ten of Hazards
 Things seem to be going well.

Chapter 5 - The Hermit
 Things aren't going as well as we thought...

Chapter 6 - Two of Cups
All's well again, or is it?

Zombie Tarot (c) Paul Kepple

Coming Soon - Tarot inspired story

In Tarot Nerds, a FaceBook community, someone posted asking us to share our favourite card(s) from our primary decks. Since I use the Zombie...