Wednesday, May 17, 2017

D.I.Y Decks

For a while now, I've been thinking about designing a few different RWS inspired decks.
1) This is going to be a personal deck consisting of my personal characters. This one will most likely be the most difficult to work on, but I want to try and make it happen.
2) A deck done in Italian. I'm casually teaching myself to speak Italian, and haven't found an Italian language deck that has spoken to me yet...
3) A coyote only deck. I've wanted a canine deck that is all 78 cards, not only the Major Arcana. Since Coyote is my spirit animal, I would love to have a deck focusing on these wonderful wild canines.
4) A collage deck with magazine images that I feel would best represent each card. This might be a bit tricky to make happen since I might have to measure and cut poster board in a decent enough size to allow for multiple images to be glued on and not look too cluttered.
Out of these deck ideas floating in my head, I might start off with the Italian deck first. In a Tarot group I'm in, someone shared their deck that they designed on index cards, and some scrapbook paper.
Of course, once I'm able to get started on this, I will be sharing progress pictures on my Instagram.
Hopefully when work slows down, I can get started with one of my projects.

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