Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tarot Class

This afternoon was part two of my Tarot Class down in Taos, New Mexico. Due to it being a holiday weekend, the class consisted of myself, the instructor, and one other student.

The focus of this class was primarily the Minor Arcana, and how the numbered cards related back to the Major Arcana cards starting from The Magician through the Wheel of Fortune.

(Photo (c) Coyote Tarot, taken in class this afternoon)

I used my secondary deck, Fenestra Tarot, for this class. Tamera, the instructor, helped me lay out the ten Major Arcana cards, then showed me how to lay out the numbered cards in relation to their Major Arcana archetype. She used her Thoth inspired deck for her layout and we discussed colours and symbols that carry through from the Majors down into the Minors.

The four seasons/elements/directions were also covered in this class, though we didn't go too in depth with colour, she did skim over it and said how colour can be used to tie in the Minors with the Majors along with other hidden clues.

The other student got there a little late, so she and I had already had our decks laid out by the time he arrived to the class. Since she and I had taken up the vast majority of floor space between our two decks, he sat to the sidelines and studied the archetypes off of my deck with me.

This was a very informative class, and packets were handed out with even MORE information, plus a yearly spread that Tamera designed herself and went over how she reads it.

There is a chance that she will repeat this class in the autumn, when her own studies have ended, before doing a few other Tarot based classes.

Perhaps if she decides to redo this class, I will take my Zombie Tarot deck (as I'm hoping to make a pouch for it sometime soon to make it easier to carry) and see how those look with this layout.

(Fenestra Tarot (c) Chatriya Hemharnvibul, more information on the deck can be found at Aeclectic Tarot)

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