Friday, June 30, 2017

Free Print Your Own Decks - Lenormand

I don't own any Lenormand decks, much less having read any sort of spread with that formula of divination. However, I do have an interest in learning to read with Lenormand decks at some point.

This came into my radar today, thanks to Tarot Nerds: Free Holiday Learning Deck by Carrie Paris. It's a good place for beginners as she included some keywords on each card to help assist in learning Lenormand.

I have these bookmarked for now, but am thinking of printing them out on regular printer paper and taping them to index cards so I can add other keywords that also resonate with me. As for when I'll be able to get it done, I don't know as I currently don't have a car to visit the library to do some printing.

Coming Soon - Tarot inspired story

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